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Book Cheap Jungle Safari Tour to Observe Rare Wild Animals

If you are a wildlife photographer and seeking the best place, then Dandeli is a perfect choice. Many people come for a Dandeli jungle safari to see some rare birds, wild animals, and trees in the region. 

Dandeli is located in Karnataka in the Western Ghats and named as Anshi national park. It is spread more than 834 and home to rare flora and fauna. This trip is perfectly suitable for bird watchers, adventure lovers, and naturalists. The jungle safari is not the animal safari traveling in a jeep to securely explore rare birds and animals. If anyone is looking for the best place to book jungle safari in the Dandeli tour package, you are at the right destination. We are the number one tour operator in the region. We offer the best Dandeli jungle safari tour at an affordable price. We are committed to providing the finest jungle safari tour package to our customers. 

Explore a variety of animals with our jungle safari tour 

Jungle Safari is the best adventure activity chosen by thrill-seeker. The traveler who likes to spots the natural horizons of dense forest can book this tour. The traveler has an opportunity of residence into wildlife exploration during the jungle safari. It is home to wild animals, and the forest is covered with the oak tree, bamboo, teak, and other plants. The traveler can take the safe jungle safari to see the wildlife in the early morning and return to camp before sunset. 

You can travel in an open jeep and explore various animals like elephants, hornbills, tiger, kingfishers, Black Panther, woodpeckers, leopards, foxes, squirrels, and others. The jungle safari provides you a thrilling and adventure experience. The jungle safari duration is four hours, and the open jeep has a comfortable seating arrangement. It is conducted two times per day in the morning and evening. The safari covers thirty kilometers of the forest that boost the position of sighting rare animals. 

Right time to plan jungle safari 

If you are planning your jungle safari trip, you should choose the right time. You can plan your tour anytime during the year, but the right time to enjoy the climate and observe animals in the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is October and May. You can book the best jungle safari in Dandeli to enjoy your vacation with your friends and family. The national park opens at 6 AM and closes at 10 PM. It is recommended to visit the national park for seven hours to see the sanctuary properly. During these months, the weather is pleasant, allowing you to see various flowers and animals in the place. It is home to many animals and birds, and you need to pay an entry fee to enter the park and start enjoying jungle safari.  


Enjoy jungle Stay in our camp 

The adventure lover can spend an unforgettable jungle holiday at our camp. One can stay comfortably and safely in our camp and do the adventure thrill. Our camp is located near wildlife safari, a nature place surrounded by waterfalls, rivers, and valleys. Adventure jungle stay in Dandeli offers luxury and a relaxed lifestyle. All rooms have excellent amenities like a wardrobe, bed, separate bathroom, and others. 

We offer an economic jungle stay package with all features. Our hotel is located close to the bus stand and railway station. We provide medical service, luggage storage, backup generator others. Book now room at our hotel and enjoy your vacation. You can also get special deals on room booking and jungle safari.